Memories of Lu


Spooky, creepy, terrifying…! Music video by Polock performing Memories of Lu. A band is recording a live video when it is surprised by a strange man with a crossbow. Panic grips them as they run away through the forest and are in the middle of a masked ball that they will not be able to get out of. It seems that the fire is the only one that will “save” them from the sect.

Alberto Rodilla

Assitant Director:
Carmen Fortea

Belén Alemany

Director of Photography:
Cesc Nogueras

Art Director:
Irene Espert

Papu Sebastian & Irene Espert

Ritual Illumination:
Hugo Caminero

Second Assistant Directo:
Blas Martí

Paula Collado & Alberto Rodilla

Assistant Camera & Color Grading:
Ypusef Daoud

Second Assistant Camera:
Pepe Rodilla

Visual Effects:
Genís Benavent

Assistant Producer:
Alexis Atienza

Fredo Belda

Make Up Artist:
Dan Cambells

Assistant Make Up:
Carla Oliver

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